POETRY: ~ Julianah ~


~ Julianah ~

I saw you afar off under a sycamore tree
I knew there was something good about you
I prayed in my heart that you’ld be free
And not that you are someone else’ boo

My mind became clouded
Your beauty made me dumbfounded
My thoughts became crowded
I feared she’ld be conceited

I bottled my fear and took the bold step
Walked up to her and flicked up my hair
I was hoping she would offer some help
And not cast me away because of my fear

What is your name? I managed to ask
Julianah, she said
Nice name I said, as a matter of fact
I hoped she’s not thinking I want her in bed

Join me for dinner later tonight
No, I can’t my mistress won’t let
She’s coming soon, that’s her in sight
Try talk to her, she’ll agree I bet

Mistress or not we can be friends
Why did you say that? She needed to ask
Seems you don’t want our talk to end
I’m fun I know, I said to bask

She picked up her bag and left with her mistress
Bye for now she had to say
Ever since I’ve been in distress
I’m hoping to see Julianah someday
Atleast, I know its Yes she’ld say

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

POETRY: ~ Recrudescence of Hope ~


~ Recrudescence of Hope ~

Sometimes I cry to the Lord most high
To give me reasons to fly
I know my help is not in substance’ high
Even though I’m battling to try

Most times people mock my lot
I don’t care so far I’m alive
No matter the evils they may plot
I know I’ll always thrive

Day and Night chase after each other
Forever, they’ll never meet
When haters sit to plot and ponder
They’ll find me making new feats

In Him I trust in my days of sorrow
There are brighter days ahead
No need to wish not to see tomorrow
I would long for it instead

Very soon I’m sure my glory will come
Then I’ll be able to smile
The world would say my time has come
I deserve to bask and shine

No matter the challenges I face
Victory is always near
Everything in life is just a phase
Hard times I know I’ll bear

Victory at last I would cry
Never remembering my pain
The Lord will give me strength to fly
He’ll make my pains my gain

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

POETRY: ~ Feat of Righteousness ~


~ Feat of Righteousness ~

Its not only about doing the right things
It is also about doing things right
Not caring about what the world thinks
But being strong in the midst of spites

Not everyone will like your policy
Know not everyone will hate your principle
Some will make you their adversary
While some will ‘dorn you the king of the jungle

Your convictions will keep you sane
When plotters want to see you ashamed
Make a choice to remain the same
With that you’ll have them tamed

Its not easy to make a feat of righteousness
Much difficult to put it in people’s consciousness
But a journey of a thousand miles
One day will end with joyous smiles

Tick tock not every clock ticks
Some glide without making a sound
Silence a’times is a noble hard kick
It can floor an enemy to the ground

Choose the steps that you will take
Just be sure you will not break
Know your sacred honour is at stake
Lest your righteousness be seen as fake

Give a feat of righteousness a shot
There is really not much to lose
Not trying may leave you hurt
Don’t regret nor fear you’ll lose

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

Married Or Marred?

Distressed Couple Finding Out Results Of A Pregnancy Test

I overhear people (guys and ladies) say things like “I must get married this year”, “I’m getting old”, “my mates are getting married” etc. Statements like that automatically subtract the place of God in the whole matter and a two-legged stool cannot stand. The mindset that follows this has made many get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Now, let’s reason this together, have you realized that couples who divorce after 10, 15 years of marriage were once inseparable love birds? This means that future co-existence is more important than present experience. A friend recently told me while teasing him, “I’ll rather marry late with the right person than marry early with the wrong person”. I share this same view. Now, God has a Time and Purpose for every man, the ‘Purpose’ is man’s and the ‘Time’ is God’s. We should focus on our purpose and God the custodian of time will make marriage etc happen as HE has destined in HIS own ‘Time Book’; therefore, a person making marriage a new year’s resolution may just be making a resolution outside of God’s will and its a risky mission that would end on a lonely path, he’ll be caught offside. An offside is a right move at the wrong time; in such situation, you’ll always end up being alone. Just like in football, a player caught offside will ALWAYS be found on his own and the same applies to marriage, many took the big step at the wrong time and then they end up alone, that’s why we have SINGLE parents (partner’s death aside). Purpose is sacrosanct, men especially must not joke with life’s purpose and the woman that backs that purpose up is very key.
The kind of woman a man chooses will determine Two(2) BIG things:
1) How successful he would be for the rest of his life (and)
2) His Happiness …
An unsuccessful man can never be happy and an unhappy man is not a success. I believe that marriage is more than a choice, its a destiny decision. If you choose the wrong person, you are not only legally married but also legally marred; so don’t be caught offside, never allow your circumstances, environment, age, friends, and parental pressures set an offside trap for you. Make God’s word the standard for your life.

The New Trend Of Ready-To-Live-In Homes In Nigeria


Everyone aspires to own a house and the rate at which the middle class and wealthy in Nigeria are building houses is on the high. The number of real estate firms are also on the increase, this is an indication of infrastructural development.

Traditionally, individuals buy a land and build their houses to their own taste or purchase a house (usually through a government scheme) and expand it to taste. But there is a new trend and that’s the ready-to-live-in homes revolution. This new idea in the country may be as a result of brain gain from the west as regards real estate firms or the ever fast-moving Nigerian society where no one wants to be left behind.

Ready-To-Live-In homes are quite common in countries like the USA, Australia and many parts of Europe. The stress of having to build a house from scratch for about 9 months or more and an expected headhunt for contractor performance may be a major excuse for the penchant for ready-to-live-in homes. Wealthy Nigerians who are always on the move from country to country most likely would not be able to monitor their housing projects and would rather buy a ready-to-live-in house. The country’s rising expatriate population is also responsible for this new trend. Top international businesses and multinationals who intend to have their representatives work in the country for the long term purchase a permanent accommodation.

Another major reason is the homecoming revolution wave across Africa; many Africans who have studied, worked and lived abroad are now coming back home to start a new life, a relatively large population of them have slim or no links to family or friends and even if, they do not want to risk the move of having a relative or friend help handle their home projects only to come home to find out nothing was being built. These and other reasons are responsible for the increase in RTLIs. Despite the novel idea, note that it comes with its disadvantages.

First of all, let us evaluate the pros and cons of self-built houses:

  1. Build to taste: The first advantage is that land owner can build to taste. He can get the best architects to carry out his ideas for his dream house. He can determine how many floors he wants, how big the house should be or what and what it should provide for.
  2. Cost-Effective: Self-built houses are cost effective because the proprietor can negotiate prices and be lucky to get materials, good contractors or man-power at a very affordable rate.
  3. Monitoring: The proprietor can monitor the building process by himself. He would be able to block avenues contractors may want to make extra money from him, he would also be able to mount pressure to get work done quickly and also ensure that sub-standard products are not being used in the building process.
  4. Furnish to pocket: The proprietor, can furnish his house based on his budget and taste.


  1. Time-consuming: It takes a lot of time to build a house and it largely depends on the work rate of contractors and the enormity of the housing project.
  2. Stressful: A proprietor would most likely have to go through the stress of getting building approval from the government, working with architects, locating skillful workers and contractors, monitoring and mounting pressure on contractors to get work done etc.

On the other hand, Ready-To-Live-In homes are:

  1. Stress-free: All an individual has to do is pay for the ready-built and furnished apartment, he does not have to go through the stress of excessive documentations and approval, dealing with contractors etc.
  2. Convenient: It is very convenient in the sense that one can begin to live in the house the day it is purchased.


  1. Costly: Ready-to-live-in houses come at huge prices. The home buyer pays for everything involved in the housing process all at once. Nevertheless, it saves the buyer time and stress.
  2. No monitoring: Because the buyer was not involved in the process of building the house, the quality of the house cannot really be ascertained. The purchaser does not know if sub-standard materials were used in the building and furnishing or if the house was built in a hurry.

 In conclusion, RTLIs are a welcome trend in Nigeria, it is a sign on brain gain and healthy competition in the country’s property sector. It allows for individuals to have options to choose from and it raises the value of the country’s infrastructural standard. Nigerians can choose to depart from the norm or stick with a familiar system.


OPINION: Before You Vote, Bear In Mind This Sacred Truth

Here are my final thoughts on Nigeria Elections 2015

Fellow Compatriots,

After all the electioneering campaigns, propaganda, spendings and meetings, it all boils down to we the people. This proves that this election is not about a person or a politician, it is all about us. Now the future of our nation is in our hands, our nation once again is now as tiny as a thumb and whatever decision we make with our thumb will determine the destiny of our country. What saddens me most in the course of this campaign is some of my conversation with people, I could see that some have totally given up on their own country, some are perplexed, some apathetic and others bigoted, blurred by the shades of religion and tribe. Some citizens are colonialists of their own nation who would rather enjoy the fruit of the land and then runaway to the comfort of a foreign land when it matters most, others stand aloof abroad without offering any form of support, interest or solicitude to motherland. To those on ground, they are the real McCoy that must spearhead the change towards a new Nigeria; but one simple question I have is this: If God asks you to defend why you voted who, what would be your defence? Now, before you vote, let me remind you, your hand which hosts your thumb is made by God and remember we will all give account of the works of our hands. Yes, we will give account of the works of our hand and voting is one of them. We will give account of our votes to the creator. Did the party or person you chose to thumb for lead the nation to destruction or salvation? We will give this account. If you know within you the nation is not working and you can do something about it with your vote but because a candidate who may be less competent is from your tribe or religion you have decided to vote for him. To me, this is like bowing to baal but you will give this account of your choice. I considered for a second what my defence would be peradventure I’m ever asked by the supreme being, I then began to explore the past events and the current situation of the nation. I first considered the first option, the incumbent government, and then a few events flashed through my mind instantly: the Chibok girls, Boko Haram insurgency, 20 Billion Naira missing, Empty national reserves, Naira devaluation, Epileptic power supply, Immigration employment deaths, Pension fund scam, SURE-P scam, Excessive borrowing, Inclusion in OIC, South Africa arms deal, Embarrassing phone call with Moroccan king, Victimisation of Justice Salami and Sanusi Lamido, Presidential pardon, Ekiti Gate, Propagandas, Bribery of men of God, traditional rulers and militant groups etc all within 6 years; and then, I considered the second option, in his time he tackled corruption by changing the mode of the currency after politicians stole heavily from the preceding government, instilled public discipline, built roads and schools with oil money, never joined OIC even as a Muslim in the interest on equity and justice, built oil refineries, turned down IMF loans and proposals to devalue the Naira etc, these on the contrary he did in less than 2 years. From this instance, I noticed that the more time one candidate spends in office, the more evil is likely to be perpetuated while the other is more likely to do good with more time at hand. I can trust Nigeria in the hands of General Muhammadu Buhari better than Goodluck Jonathan and if the good Lord chooses to ask me to defend my decision to vote for him, I think I would have some points I can make. I may not be voting a perfect man but one thing I am quite certain about is that I am not using the thumb God has given me to put to destruction the nation HE placed in my care; both of which I am accountable to HIM for.

Having said all these, I am not asking you to vote for any candidate, I only shared my thoughts with you, you have your own conscience and your choice to make, whoever you know will save this country, between you and your God, vote for him; but be prepared to give your own account of your handiwork.

***This is an opinion of which the bearer is entitled to and must not be judged, any other legal person is equally entitled to hold one in accordance to the fundamental right of freedom of expression.

10 + 1 Ways Team Leaders Fall Out Of Favour With Their Team

Trust is the foundation of leadership and once it is lost, it is very difficult to regain. Many times, team leaders wonder why performance in their team has taken a downturn, some may realize where they may have gotten it all wrong while some continually find it a herculean task figuring out. Loss of favour with team have ruined campaigns, halted projects and strained useful relationships. One of the worst things therefore that can happen to leaders is to lose the favour or goodwill of the people they are trying to lead, they can never achieve any goal in such instance. It thus mean that being in the bad book of a team strips the leader of his leadership, this is because his primary task is to mobilize and coordinate people to achieve a common goal and being out of favour would never make him achieve that since the people would never agree to cooperate. It is necessary to know some of the things that put most leaders in this unfortunate position and how to avoid them.

i. Haphazard mode of work: There are times when the leader may be overwhelmed with workload and activities. This situation often makes leaders work in a sloppy, disorganized manner. He forgets the essential principles of leadership he is meant to work by in the process and begins to err. The leader is then perceived to be apathetic towards work, team members as a result begin to lose motivation and exhibit similar traits; in the long run, they lose faith in the leader. To avoid this, leaders should exhibit confidence in the capability of their team by delegating tasks, this is also a morale booster for team members. Leaders should also slow down, have adequate rest and avoid stress.

ii. Virtual leadership: Team members expect that their leader would roll up his sleeves, get his hands dirty and hit the ground running first. Leadership by example is a popular, old and basic principle on how to lead. Emails and the like are often misconstrued; some members may get confused and respond in a corresponding manner, it is distant and gives the supposed leader an image of an impersonal ‘big boss’ who is chewing gum and sitting on a rocking chair issuing commands. When team members can see you, connect with you, understand you by asking questions and read your body language, you appear as a leader who knows in onions and that increases their confidence in you. When leaders cannot have a real conversation with their team, they lose stronghold in the front-line. A leader leads from the front, a boss pushes from the back, that is, ‘the background’. To correct this, use virtual communication sparingly, why not simply use it to call a proper physical meeting and set things out straight.

iii. The runaway leader: There would be times when meetings and external engagements seem to coming up endlessly, leaders are tempted to stay-off their primary place of assignment. The office of a leader creates work for him by default. Leaders who employ an ‘open door’ policy are most susceptible to this temptation of being absent. Some team members may understand the busy schedule of their leader; however, if it becomes perpetual, the leader would be perceived as absent and distracted rather than hardworking and productive. It shows that the leader is uninterested in his team and his work and this would definitely bring about unhealthy relationship and resentment. This is even worse if the leader is the type who is reserved, unfriendly or inattentive. To avoid this gruesome situation, let your team members know your schedule, communicate with them often and delegate less important assignments and engagements and sometimes get team members involved in what you are doing.

iv. Wrong persuasion: In the quest to gain general support or likeness, leaders are often tempted to say or do things they feel the people want to hear or want done, even if it is at their own personal detriment. This may create unnecessary faction in the team from those who want things done in the right or customary manner. The leader may also be perceived as weak by this set of people and this can spread within the team over time thereby damaging the credibility and integrity of the leader. Team leaders should therefore be open and honest and always show integrity. Be firm, don’t say what you don’t mean and don’t mean what you didn’t say.

v. Lack of attentiveness: Many team leaders cannot listen to their team members, how much more take to correction or accept contributions. Leaders lose favour when they become the sole decision-maker. Sometimes, leaders believe they cannot learn anything from their team members or that things cannot be done properly except by them. When a leader is this way, he would be perceived as difficult-to-please or arrogant and this is a shortcut to loss of motivation and resentment in the team. To avoid this, learn to know when to be quiet, give team members some leverage for expression sometimes, avoid being the only voice.

vi. Downplaying other people’s contributions: Leaders are visioneers and thus have the best idea of what they want to achieve and more often have the greatest passion to achieve it. This may make them oblivious to the contributions of others in the team or make them perceive some contributions as insignificant. Leaders should avoid this by being aware and by giving due credits to each contributing member. Remember, every little helps.

vii. Lack of courage: Leaders are risk-takers. If a leader cannot take bold steps, the followers would become overwhelmed or discouraged or begin to seek a stronger leader figure. To avoid this, always inspire your team members and be strong enough to take bold steps, even if you fail, you are not preternatural, quickly gain composure and move forward with confidence, leaders don’t give up.

viii. Character flaws: Like I earlier said, trust is the foundation of leadership, leadership is integrity. The character of a leader is fragile, volatile and is susceptible to easy scrutiny. A leader is judged by the content of his character and his moral values. Integrity and morality are the biggest assets of a leader and a leader with these attributes will always be in favour with his team. To be a person of character, do good things, keep to your promises and be self-disciplined.

ix. Favouritism: When a leader begins to show that he prefers some people or their inputs over others, sects would begin to arise within the team or some people would become apathetic. This is avoidable if the leader treats everyone equally and corrects everyone with love and camaraderie instead of taking sides or pardoning some member’s mistakes.

x. Taking all the glory: Nothing hurts individuals personally that when their leader ignores their contributions and takes all the glory for all their effort. Leaders often give instructions while followers do the background work. Taking all the glory is the beginning of the end for any leader who does it. If every member of the team is hurt, then there’s no longer real leadership. Avoid this by attributing successes to the contributions of all team members; take extra step by rewarding them in any way, no matter how little.

xi. Being arrogant: Nothing ‘kills’ a leader while still breathing than pride. This is the fastest route to losing favour. If everything is all about you because you are the leader, you will either face massive recalcitrance or heavy resentment from your team. To avoid this, lead with humility and gentleness, inspire others with your advantages.

In conclusion, no leader wants to lose support. Falling out of favour with team members is a very bad thing that can happen to any leader but it can be avoided by treading softly and with wisdom. At the end of the day, the power is in the hands of the people. Leadership is service and servant-hood.