POETRY: Black Caucasian

black caucasian

In me flows the blood of slaves
In me flows the blood of slave-owners
United they flow like water to a cave
Black blood, Caucasian blood
Agreeing to flow in one direction
Cooperating to give me life
It is time for the world to ponder
So what is the blame game for?
Blame game
Generation to generation
Till now and that is the shame
It is time we snap from our confusion
Accepting one another as one and the same
Together we stand United
Divided we fall defeated
White, that’s wrong
Humans, that’s right
Black is lack, wrong
Humans, that’s right
Black Caucasian is just a label
Civilization is what to blame?
Black or white, we are all the same
I am not Black, I am not white
I am WE

Composed by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi