POETRY: ~ Victory Over Ptolemy Philopator ~


~ Victory Over Ptolemy Philopator ~
(A poem based on the third deuterocanonical allegory of the Maccabee, around 204BC )

A certain nation so blessed and fruitful
There is no other nation like her
She’s the gem of the east and the symbol of the hopeful
She’s close to her enemies but to her pilgrims so far

No nation can war against this great nation
A land backed by a supreme power
She wins wars without any weapon
All her assailants must surely go under

Once a nation arose with great might and splendor
Came out in force to enslave these great people
The supreme being allowed defeat without war
A nation once strong then became so feeble

Thinking this was their final moment of life
The fulfillment of their most wretched fear
Their hearts became far from light
Even the strongest could not hold back a tear

They gave themselves to pitiful wailing
They began to kiss and embrace each other
Sons and daughters with grievous weeping
Threw themselves on their parent’s shoulder

Newborn infants sucked their last milk
Newly-weded brides gave their last kiss
The aged women became so sick
While the clergymen voiced their last pleas

Then a ray of hope struck down from Heaven
The Lion of Judah heard their last pleas
He will not let His people be broken
Nor let His holy ones have no peace

Ptolemy Philopator the godless king
Fell into deep sleep and forgot his scheme
He could not even remember a thing
As brilliant and easy as it all seemed

Ptolemy Philopator was drunk as his elephants
As confusion shook Hermon on his king’s plot
The Jews at last became triumphant
Victory at best is Israel’s worst

The Lion of Judah rescues His own people
The nation of Israel will never be down
Jerusalem is the seat of His temple
The City of David that bears His crown

Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi


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