POETRY: ~ Recrudescence of Hope ~


~ Recrudescence of Hope ~

Sometimes I cry to the Lord most high
To give me reasons to fly
I know my help is not in substance’ high
Even though I’m battling to try

Most times people mock my lot
I don’t care so far I’m alive
No matter the evils they may plot
I know I’ll always thrive

Day and Night chase after each other
Forever, they’ll never meet
When haters sit to plot and ponder
They’ll find me making new feats

In Him I trust in my days of sorrow
There are brighter days ahead
No need to wish not to see tomorrow
I would long for it instead

Very soon I’m sure my glory will come
Then I’ll be able to smile
The world would say my time has come
I deserve to bask and shine

No matter the challenges I face
Victory is always near
Everything in life is just a phase
Hard times I know I’ll bear

Victory at last I would cry
Never remembering my pain
The Lord will give me strength to fly
He’ll make my pains my gain

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

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