POETRY: ~ Julianah ~


~ Julianah ~

I saw you afar off under a sycamore tree
I knew there was something good about you
I prayed in my heart that you’ld be free
And not that you are someone else’ boo

My mind became clouded
Your beauty made me dumbfounded
My thoughts became crowded
I feared she’ld be conceited

I bottled my fear and took the bold step
Walked up to her and flicked up my hair
I was hoping she would offer some help
And not cast me away because of my fear

What is your name? I managed to ask
Julianah, she said
Nice name I said, as a matter of fact
I hoped she’s not thinking I want her in bed

Join me for dinner later tonight
No, I can’t my mistress won’t let
She’s coming soon, that’s her in sight
Try talk to her, she’ll agree I bet

Mistress or not we can be friends
Why did you say that? She needed to ask
Seems you don’t want our talk to end
I’m fun I know, I said to bask

She picked up her bag and left with her mistress
Bye for now she had to say
Ever since I’ve been in distress
I’m hoping to see Julianah someday
Atleast, I know its Yes she’ld say

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

One thought on “POETRY: ~ Julianah ~

  1. Nice….

    The first stanza and part of the second stanza referred to Julianah in second person singular but the rest of the stanzas referred to her in third person singular. You might want to synchronise that.

    Good job, Bolu.

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