POETRY: ~ Feat of Righteousness ~


~ Feat of Righteousness ~

Its not only about doing the right things
It is also about doing things right
Not caring about what the world thinks
But being strong in the midst of spites

Not everyone will like your policy
Know not everyone will hate your principle
Some will make you their adversary
While some will ‘dorn you the king of the jungle

Your convictions will keep you sane
When plotters want to see you ashamed
Make a choice to remain the same
With that you’ll have them tamed

Its not easy to make a feat of righteousness
Much difficult to put it in people’s consciousness
But a journey of a thousand miles
One day will end with joyous smiles

Tick tock not every clock ticks
Some glide without making a sound
Silence a’times is a noble hard kick
It can floor an enemy to the ground

Choose the steps that you will take
Just be sure you will not break
Know your sacred honour is at stake
Lest your righteousness be seen as fake

Give a feat of righteousness a shot
There is really not much to lose
Not trying may leave you hurt
Don’t regret nor fear you’ll lose

– Written by Bolu’ Michael-Biyi

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