Married Or Marred?

Distressed Couple Finding Out Results Of A Pregnancy Test

I overhear people (guys and ladies) say things like “I must get married this year”, “I’m getting old”, “my mates are getting married” etc. Statements like that automatically subtract the place of God in the whole matter and a two-legged stool cannot stand. The mindset that follows this has made many get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Now, let’s reason this together, have you realized that couples who divorce after 10, 15 years of marriage were once inseparable love birds? This means that future co-existence is more important than present experience. A friend recently told me while teasing him, “I’ll rather marry late with the right person than marry early with the wrong person”. I share this same view. Now, God has a Time and Purpose for every man, the ‘Purpose’ is man’s and the ‘Time’ is God’s. We should focus on our purpose and God the custodian of time will make marriage etc happen as HE has destined in HIS own ‘Time Book’; therefore, a person making marriage a new year’s resolution may just be making a resolution outside of God’s will and its a risky mission that would end on a lonely path, he’ll be caught offside. An offside is a right move at the wrong time; in such situation, you’ll always end up being alone. Just like in football, a player caught offside will ALWAYS be found on his own and the same applies to marriage, many took the big step at the wrong time and then they end up alone, that’s why we have SINGLE parents (partner’s death aside). Purpose is sacrosanct, men especially must not joke with life’s purpose and the woman that backs that purpose up is very key.
The kind of woman a man chooses will determine Two(2) BIG things:
1) How successful he would be for the rest of his life (and)
2) His Happiness …
An unsuccessful man can never be happy and an unhappy man is not a success. I believe that marriage is more than a choice, its a destiny decision. If you choose the wrong person, you are not only legally married but also legally marred; so don’t be caught offside, never allow your circumstances, environment, age, friends, and parental pressures set an offside trap for you. Make God’s word the standard for your life.

2 thoughts on “Married Or Marred?

  1. dami joseph says:

    Bolu you are very right and i share the same views too. brilliant write up by the way.

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