OPINION: Before You Vote, Bear In Mind This Sacred Truth

Here are my final thoughts on Nigeria Elections 2015

Fellow Compatriots,

After all the electioneering campaigns, propaganda, spendings and meetings, it all boils down to we the people. This proves that this election is not about a person or a politician, it is all about us. Now the future of our nation is in our hands, our nation once again is now as tiny as a thumb and whatever decision we make with our thumb will determine the destiny of our country. What saddens me most in the course of this campaign is some of my conversation with people, I could see that some have totally given up on their own country, some are perplexed, some apathetic and others bigoted, blurred by the shades of religion and tribe. Some citizens are colonialists of their own nation who would rather enjoy the fruit of the land and then runaway to the comfort of a foreign land when it matters most, others stand aloof abroad without offering any form of support, interest or solicitude to motherland. To those on ground, they are the real McCoy that must spearhead the change towards a new Nigeria; but one simple question I have is this: If God asks you to defend why you voted who, what would be your defence? Now, before you vote, let me remind you, your hand which hosts your thumb is made by God and remember we will all give account of the works of our hands. Yes, we will give account of the works of our hand and voting is one of them. We will give account of our votes to the creator. Did the party or person you chose to thumb for lead the nation to destruction or salvation? We will give this account. If you know within you the nation is not working and you can do something about it with your vote but because a candidate who may be less competent is from your tribe or religion you have decided to vote for him. To me, this is like bowing to baal but you will give this account of your choice. I considered for a second what my defence would be peradventure I’m ever asked by the supreme being, I then began to explore the past events and the current situation of the nation. I first considered the first option, the incumbent government, and then a few events flashed through my mind instantly: the Chibok girls, Boko Haram insurgency, 20 Billion Naira missing, Empty national reserves, Naira devaluation, Epileptic power supply, Immigration employment deaths, Pension fund scam, SURE-P scam, Excessive borrowing, Inclusion in OIC, South Africa arms deal, Embarrassing phone call with Moroccan king, Victimisation of Justice Salami and Sanusi Lamido, Presidential pardon, Ekiti Gate, Propagandas, Bribery of men of God, traditional rulers and militant groups etc all within 6 years; and then, I considered the second option, in his time he tackled corruption by changing the mode of the currency after politicians stole heavily from the preceding government, instilled public discipline, built roads and schools with oil money, never joined OIC even as a Muslim in the interest on equity and justice, built oil refineries, turned down IMF loans and proposals to devalue the Naira etc, these on the contrary he did in less than 2 years. From this instance, I noticed that the more time one candidate spends in office, the more evil is likely to be perpetuated while the other is more likely to do good with more time at hand. I can trust Nigeria in the hands of General Muhammadu Buhari better than Goodluck Jonathan and if the good Lord chooses to ask me to defend my decision to vote for him, I think I would have some points I can make. I may not be voting a perfect man but one thing I am quite certain about is that I am not using the thumb God has given me to put to destruction the nation HE placed in my care; both of which I am accountable to HIM for.

Having said all these, I am not asking you to vote for any candidate, I only shared my thoughts with you, you have your own conscience and your choice to make, whoever you know will save this country, between you and your God, vote for him; but be prepared to give your own account of your handiwork.

***This is an opinion of which the bearer is entitled to and must not be judged, any other legal person is equally entitled to hold one in accordance to the fundamental right of freedom of expression.