OPINION: Eight (8) Real Reasons Why Nigeria Elections 2015 Was Postponed

The Economist described President Jonathan a failed president. Now, what do you call a country being led by a failed leader? A failed state it is.

As a former political strategist, the postponement of the election by 6 weeks suggests Eight (8) things the ruling party is up to:

i. Need of extra time to perfect their rigging tactics (because they are so jittery and the military has not been totally bought-over).

ii. To allow them time to elapse their remaining campaign tools of calumny.

iii. To discourage people from coming out to vote going by the principle of “failed expectation kills interest”.

iv. To put President Jonathan’s misdeeds further into oblivion in the minds of the electorate going by the popular ‘Decay Theory’ (GEJ will probably begin to do a few things right within the next 6 weeks).

v. To make election petition tribunals practically impossible as it requires 3 months to make and see through a case. It was this same government that changed the rules to this. Going by the new date, practically 1 month is left.

vi. Ample time to fast-track their court proceedings against the main opposition party candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

vii. To make sure APC’s campaign lose momentum as they now have much less funds available especially to re-tour the nation.

viii. To dissociate enthusiasts and swing voters from the FeBuhari syndrome currently working successfully in the sub-conscious of the populace by making sure the election takes place in March, if not, it could have been in the next 2-3 weeks which is more than enough time to perfect any election preparation imperfections. What magic will they do in 6 weeks on the insecurity problem they could not fix in 6 years. Wasn’t there insecurity all along while they were busy planning election last week or even last month, why now when its 1 week to election that they suddenly knew the people are not safe?

INEC’s hands were twisted, they were ready for the polls, it is the PDP that are unprepared for the elections, these security agents earlier said they were ready for the polls. If security was the real issue, the AU Joint Military Force offered to help fight Boko Haram is enough to guarantee peace in the North-East. If INEC didn’t give in, Jega may be sacked and the military being funded by the PDP-led federal government may sabotage the distribution and movement of electoral materials, cause chaos at the polling stations and refuse to protect INEC staffs. INEC had no choice but to give in. And if the Military refused to play to PDP’s cards, the federal government would stop funding them and make them incapacitated.

I hope this gives Eight (8) more reasons why the failed President and the entire PDP government must not come back to power. Nevertheless, Nigerians in Nigeria must not be discouraged. The people must take a stance when its 6 weeks.

***This is an opinion of which the bearer is entitled to and must not be judged, any other legal person is equally entitled to hold one in accordance to the fundamental right of freedom of expression.

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