NIGERIA ELECTIONS 2015: “Yet Again, The Choice Is Ours” – BMB

Fellow Nigerians,

In the next few months, we shall have the opportunity to reset the course of our future as a nation. This opportunity goes beyond voting and being voted for, it is an opportunity that redefines our coexistence as a united nation, it is a moment that determines whether our kids would live in peace or war, our youths in gainful jobs or idleness or our families in wealth or poverty. It is a season that pitches impunity against accountability, leadership against rulership and the masses against their neo-colonial masters. I am of the opinion that despite the challenges we have faced as a nation over the cause of the past few years, we have recorded some gains but the challenge I have is that the problems have by far outweighed the gains to a point of oblivion. The next rational question to ask would be if the gains are so important such that it would be preferred above the challenges and thus the challenges be tolerated; the answer is ‘NO’. We do not want to live in a nation where government officials carryout their activities with impunity, where corruption thrives like flowers that blossom in the morning and where the security forces are used as a weapon of perpetual subjugation against the people they ought to protect. No citizen wants to live in a nation where ‘politricks’ is the name of the game, where the unqualified are exalted and where the rich lord over the poor. No citizen of any nation wants to be led by a caucus who believe that the wealth of the nation will someway somehow trickle down once the wealthy become wealthier. No citizen wants to be in a nation where hardwork is defined to be from top to bottom rather than from bottom up. So far, the leadership of our nation refuse to believe that if every citizen plays his own part and is given a fair share, the nation would be better for it. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has let the nation down and has introduced a new kind of politics that have never been seen in the history of our nation. Under his leadership, we now have new concepts like ‘stomach infrastructure’, his party (the PDP) have institutionalized the concept of “zoning” and has cemented our differences in the consciousness of every Nigerian, the nation is in so much bad debt with no cogent plan, the power sector is worse, education is a fiasco and we live in fear and insecurity, the international credibility of our nation has dropped to a point where we have become a laughing stock, scandals upon scandals, unguarded speeches upon unguarded speeches, everywhere you look is TAN and indeed our future has been tanned, our prospect is lot darker. Nigeria has been stripped naked in public and our glory has departed. Now is the time to put an end to our sufferings and walk into our salvation, now is the time to rewrite the history of our nation, we have a choice to make either to continue to walk in the path of destruction or the path of salvation. This opportunity comes just once in a season or maybe once in a lifetime, the choice we make in the next election would be the difference between a prosperous nation rising up again and a once prosperous nation going further down. There is hope for Nigeria and this hope is in our hands. For every problem, there is a solution and for every deadline there could always be a lifeline. In this election, the lifeline that would rescue Nigeria from this path of destruction was made mention in the words of a great woman of substance that gave so much to our nation, Mrs. Dora Akunyili of blessed memory. In a private conversation in London, she was asked how Nigeria could be changed, she said and I quote “its true Nigeria needs change and there’s no one in the country that can fight corruption except one man, and that is General Muhammadu Buhari, he is the only one. I am Igbo and Jona has failed, maybe we should atleast give the man (Buhari) a chance.”

One personal truth is that I see no profit in misleading people. As a political observer, I have witnessed both camps and I can say boldly that General Buhari is a man of integrity, discipline and truth. He is a man that has a genuine heart for the country such that I feel that nobody loves the nation more than this man. General Buhari is certainly not perfect but he has been tested and tried, he has no scandal against him and he is principled and strong-willed. General Buhari may be everything but one thing he is not is a ‘thief’. With him as President, I am not saying he is a magician and we won’t have challenges but unlike now, our gains would certainly outweigh our problems and atleast we would have a leader that can work to sort them out.

Nigeria under General Buhari would:

– Chase the corrupt out of the country automatically.

– He would expose the rot of the nation.

– Provide opportunity for youths to be more resourceful.

– Education would be free and of good quality because he would reform the entire sector.

– Nigeria would become food sufficient because that has always been a primary goal of his leadership.

– Health care would be top quality because he does not believe in foreign medical check-ups.

– Nigeria would regain her place of dignity internationally because Buhari is a highly respected leader home and abroad. For instance, during Obama’s inauguration, only him and late Nelson Mandela were personally invited from Africa.

– He would resuscitate the old and defunct national industries like Nigeria Airways and NITEL because they were the fulcrum of the economy when he last led the country and he understands the importance of having them functioning and the losses if we don’t.

– He would invest in youth development because he did it as PTDF Chairman. (He also refused to collect any salary for his efforts).

– Under him, Nigeria’s reserve would sky-rocket and he would do so much with a slim budget, he saved a lot as PTDF Chairman and did so much with the funds.

– Nigeria’s infrastructure would develop rapidly, little do people know that most of the inter-state highways we still enjoy today were built by Buhari.

– Nigeria would be a more beautiful and neat nation. Little do people know that national environmental sanitation that many states still observe till today was Buhari’s idea.

– Today, you find cars going one-way, people peeing on the express, a fight causing go-slow and people scrambling to enter the bus. Never will such happen under Buhari because he kicks against indiscipline. As Head of State, he launched the popular WAI (War Against Indiscipline).

РBuhari is tough enough to face Shekau to his face. Boko Haram would be a thing of the past, he would chase them forest to forest, door to door, street to street. He did it against Maitatsine Marwa  and he knows how to do it again against Boko Haram.

– He would manage our resources better and he would pay off our debts because he believes that a nation in debt is a nation being colonised.

Today, we have a raped Nigeria and the choice is before us to restore her dignity, let us put our political, cultural and religious differences aside and let us together rewrite the story of our nation in this election. Let us refuse to be dribbled by the maradona of propaganda being used by the PDP and the Jonathanians to de-rep and defame the person of Muhammadu Buhari. If he truly is a religious bigot, he wouldn’t have chosen a Pastor (the person of Tunde Bakare, a man of equal integrity) to run with him in the last election even when forces tried to impose Okonjo-Iweala on him, he stood his ground. If that’s what he is, why didn’t we have religious clashes during his time as Head of State? If he sponsors Boko Haram, why did he fight Maitatsine? I asked myself, where did he get the money from? A person that could not even afford a Presidential nomination form to sponsor himself how much more Boko Haram.

Dear Nigerians, the truth is we have been fooled all the while, let us not buy into the foolery again. I encourage everyone to come out and vote, under the sun or in the rain, we must be there to protect the future of our kids, the votes must not be rigged this time, let everyone remain at the booth till all the votes are counted and recorded. This one day sacrifice is maybe all we have to do to secure the future of our only nation, the only place we can call ‘home’ where we placed our first footprint as a baby. This little sacrifice may be the end of a dying Nigeria. I present to you a Buhari you do not know, the choice is ours for the 4th time and this may be our last and final time to crown a great leader of a generation.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

– Bolu Michael-Biyi