“The Failing Church”

A clergyman recently shared his inspiration about the decadence of the church and shortly after, i came across a young lady who had an encounter with Jesus Christ, she shared Christ’s message for the church which was more like a stern warning. All these instances show that both heaven and earth are not pleased with the state of the church. At first instance, i felt the clergyman was too vocal and i thought if it was proper to wash the church’s dirty linen, afterall, we all know the church is imperfect but the question is “Does it have to be. Are there no churches on earth pleasing the Lord, atleast one?” Christ says he’s coming to take a perfect church, that means it is possible for the church to be perfect, the goal is very attainable and that’s His minimum non-negotiable standard. For some reasons, i knew the clergyman was saying the truth but in my mind i refused to accept, then for the sake of conscience, I agreed with his truth. What took me time to align with him was my concern for the unbelievers but then, why should we trick them into Christ? Christ does not force his way into a man’s heart. For how long shall we keep on hiding the truth? It is right for unbelievers to know God but it is also right for them to know some of the current ills they may fall into (the imperfect church). It is right to let them know that they must know God for themselves and that the journey to heaven is an individual race and not a relay. It is because of this ignorance that unbelievers blame God for their post-salvation woes because they are made to expect everything to be perfect.

It is true that the church today gives Christ a serious face, it is true that the church today stretches God’s grace, it is true that the church of today are careless and care’s less, it is true that the church today is more interested in membership than stewardship, it is true that the church today not only feed you with ‘milk’ but also milk you. It is true that Jesus Christ said “feed my sheep” but the church today says “feed on my sheep”, it is true that the leaders of the church are celebrities rather than leaders of integrity. It is true that men of God are the god of men. It is true that structures, diagram and hierarchy are the solutions to every slight rupture in the church rather that the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is true that the power of the pulpit have been watered down and its effect traded for a bowl of porridge. It is true that for a morsel of meat, preachers refuse to teach ‘meat’. It is true that pastors who ought to be mentors to their congregation are rather their tormentors. It is true that feelings have replaced the move of the Holy Spirit and the fire in God’s word turned to motivational speech. It is true that the church today are mere buildings where their founders flounder. It is true that churches today are political parties, full of envy and rivalry. Pharisees and Saducees now run the church. They look far but can’t see and are too sad to be seen. Soon, because of the malady of the church, just as people build pools in their houses, people will begin to build their altars themselves in their homes. May the Spirit of Jesus not say soon, “pack up what is left and come back now!!!”. Preachers forget that they will be the first to stand before the King, a stricter judgement while the hottest part of hell awaits. Preachers, Christ will first ask you of His lost sheep (i.e. the backslided under your watch) and then His sheep you lost (i.e. those you misled). Very shortly, every church on earth will be tested by fire and those who worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth will be strengthened and come out as gold while the ‘plastic churches’ will melt. It would be more proper for the church to shift to pray for survival rather than revival as Christ rises from His throne.

But to those who truly love the Lord, stand strong. To those who have just found ‘The Way’, receive strength; and to the churches that worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, rejoice.