“The Best Direction”

“For the commandment is a lamp and the law a light.
Reproofs of instruction are the way of life.”
– Proverbs 6 vs. 23

Jesus Christ came to the world for the purpose of redemption and he left his Holy Spirit to comfort and direct us. Christ cares so much for humanity that he did not leave the Earth wantonly. Most cherishable of all the assets Christians have is the word of God; the word of God teaches how to live, it helps us to know how to please God and it lets us know the difference between right and wrong. Underlying God’s purpose of giving his word is his desire to meet his people pure and perfect on his return. God in his own voice is saying, “I am giving you my laws and commandments and the Holy Spirit to teach you to understand my ways so that when I come back, I will meet you just as I left you, pure and perfect.” It is unfortunate that the secularism of the world today has so much soaked into the Christian life and has diluted God’s intention as regards proper Christian living. Today, Churches secularize the things of God to attract membership rather than upholding the Christian values.

The journey to Heaven is an individual race and it is important for one to “find his way” to Heaven by being determined to follow the laws and commandments of God in one’s personal life. Instruction gives direction and eliminates confusion and God’s instructions should be the way of life of a Christian. The law and commandments of God are encapsulated in the Bible so, proper and regular study of God’s word will guarantee a life pleasing to God and when God is pleased with you, even your enemies will “go to rest” and that means no life troubles any longer, therefore, when God is pleased with you, you begin to live a life of peace. The lamp (the Bible) produces light (Insight) to help us see and know the right path to follow (Direction) and that is the function of the word of God. A blind man stumbles and falls and is confused of where to go, that is how a life without God’s word is like, it is full of stumbling blocks, failures, falls and confusion. There are numerous paths in form of doctrines that proffer direction for living but the best map I know is the word of God – The Bible.