“The Effective Offering”

“Christ, however, offered one sacrifice for sins, an offering that is effective forever, and then he sat down at the right hand side of God.” – Hebrews 10 vs. 12 (GNT)

Over 2000 years ago, the great sacrifice was made, the great sacrifice is the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary. On the cross of calvary, Jesus Christ put an end to our sins, by the death of our Lord Jesus, the oppressions from the kingdom of darkness can no longer lay hold upon our lives, Christ has fulfilled his part by offering us salvation, that is why he has his place at the right side of God, it is now our responsibility to live a holy life, a life full of righteousness, in order to keep our place in Heaven.

The death of Jesus Christ is the greatest sacrifice ever made in human history, it is a reflection of the extent of God’s love for humanity, as the Bible says in John 3 vs. 16 (GNT) that, “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.” God cannot offer his son for death only for his death to have no relevance, he did so in order to redeem humanity; therefore, the death of Christ must not be in vain, we despise Christ’s death when we continue in sin or go back to sin. The death of Christ is meaningful and ‘alive’ because it’s effective, it is effective because its benefits are still very much enjoyed today, his death offers eternal life, it transforms, it builds, it guides and it guards, these benefits take effect as soon as Christ begins to reign in one’s life. Eternal life is the greatest of all gifts. Now, to enjoy the gift of living forever, there is a need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
Dear reader, if you desire to live forever and are ready to take a stand with Jesus just say the following with the whole of your heart:

“Lord, I thank You for Your love and Your mercy. I thank You Lord for the word that has reached my heart today. Father, I ask for Your forgiveness, please forgive me. Wash me with Your precious blood. Write my name in the Book of Life. Accept me as Your child today. Right now, I forgive anyone that I have not been able to forgive, I renounce to my lack of forgiveness, I renounce all things that have hindered Your flow in my life, and I ask You to transform me and to fill me with Your presence every day. Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in Jesus Name, Amen.”

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