“The Pimpled World”

Imagine the world at creation, no buildings, factories or ships, no nuclear weapons nor satellites. But now, trees are being cut down in exchange for buildings, natural waterways are being dredged, factories emitting toxic wastes and satellites making the earth unnatural. To me, these dredgings are like creating scars on the earth’s face; these structures are like pimples on the earth’s beautiful face. Just imagine your face as the earth and structures are rising on it. I think the earth is ill, that’s why she’s getting warm (global warming). We need to preserve the beauty of the earth and heal the world.
Preserve nature!


Bolu Michael-Biyi

One thought on ““The Pimpled World”

  1. Anjola Wickliffe says:

    I love this creative, thoughtful, real description of what is going on. It is a pity that we cannot get back to our original state of health, except by a miracle. But still, we can do something to make it not to go worse. It will be inconveniencing but rewarding at the end.

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