“Love Life”

Love is the reason for living, we were made to love one another, this is the route to peace. Love is best expressed in time, you can spend time with people listening to them, helping them and assisting them. Man will always have a desire to love. Living a life of love grants us a lovely life that can motivate people to love others. What a world it would be if everyone shared love and everyone had a heart for each other, it would be a competition of who should love first or a competition of showing greater love in the process of paying back. Many people would want to show how much they appreciate the love given to them and the cause of their sadness would be that they were not able to show enough as they would have wanted. What a love life.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

One thought on ““Love Life”

  1. mary abiola says:

    wow…u r so grown

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