“The Veil Curtain”

Power as it sounds connotes the authority or influence exerted. Some men have natural power called charisma. Charisma is a spiritual power and feeling in which the bearer walks in its consciousness. When you ascend into a place of power or authority, you are puzzled with the feeling of “Who exactly am I?”, you seek to find out what is expected of you and make an impression about yourself, you dwell in this phase of self-understanding for a while and wish to make corrections. Finally, you notice that the Veil Curtain draws; the Veil Curtain is time, time flies and waits for no more. The leader starts to make corrections and make bonds and ask questions on how he has faired from those who watched his back, he is bugged with his next phase. Total dependence on God is the way out, trust in him is the royal way out, the steps of the righteous are ordered by God, the future of the righteous man is peace.
This is the story of my Veil Curtain; this is my story of the Veil Curtain.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

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