“The Attitude of Prayer”

Prayer is the vital communication with God. Communication is so vital for existence, that which is needed in order to keep our head above the waters of life. The challenges of life could be poverty, strife, contention, dissatisfaction or barrenness. These challenges could be overcome through prayer. Prayer is of essence because you attract the presence of God. When God is invited into your situation, you are in charge; the Bible says, “commit your ways unto the lord and your thoughts shall be established.” When your pray, your heart desires will come to pass. Prayer is an instrument, it is a tool; but what I do not like, what appalls me is how people misuse this tool, people usually go to God only when they have problems. I feel really bad about this, God is not a toy, he cannot be fooled, people treat God as in the reverse of his name, D.O.G.. What marvels me is God’s mercy, his mercy is abundant, God is very merciful. I want people to relate with God as a father to a son or daughter, don’t lose your words, chat with him on the road, as you mow the lawn, when you are confused or down. God is everywhere, he can hear you whatsoever language, tribe, race or hue. Involve him in your life issues, seek his consent, ask him what he thinks about a situation and he will honour you and you will lead a better life.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

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