“The Procrastination Instinct”

Several times you must have hesitated in taking certain steps despite its importance. Most times, the after-effect is regret. In order to avoid regrets, one has to go against his procrastination instinct. To procrastinate means “to postpone doing something.” What is the essence of procrastinating when you can do it now?. A popular maxim by Benjamin Franklin states that, “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” Even the Holy Bible condemned procrastination in Proverbs 3 vs. 28 (KJV) which states that, “Say not unto thy neighbor, go and come again and tomorrow I will give; when thou has it by thee.”; that is, do not procrastinate. I know a friend who was really brilliant at high school; all eyes were on her shortly after graduation, many were curious to know what would become of her shortly after high school. When it was time to gain entry into university, she procrastinated on pursuing it herself and relied on the unauthentic information of her friends. She continued to procrastinate daily until the entry to her university of choice was closed. It was too late for her and she had to pay for it with a year off school, she regretted. Considering her previous achievements, it was shameful for her to bear. No matter what and no matter how, procrastination would lead to regret. If only this friend had taken the bold step once and for all, her story would have been different. Bearing the end in mind could be a motivator that fuels your action and gears you up against procrastination. You could ask yourself, “why do I have to do this?”, you could also take the first smallest step towards the task, this could help you to maintain concentration and have you eventually do what you have to do.
Just as this friend, many have suffered humiliation due to procrastination.

Confront your procrastination instinct!


Bolu Michael-Biyi

One thought on ““The Procrastination Instinct”

  1. Laju says:

    Great job Bolu.

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