“The Power of Silence”

To be prudent is to be careful; a prudent man is a careful man. Most careful persons usually do not talk too much. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10 vs. 12 that “the words of the wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself (KJV).” A popular adage says that, “silence never makes mistakes”, if you do not know what to say, it is best to keep silent, it is safer not to respond in words than to talk and say the wrong things. From experience, I have concluded that the enemy carefully sieves your words and uses them against you; one must be very careful with his speech, the more you talk, the more you increase your propensity to get into trouble. Big winners do not make a lot of noise, they are noise creators not noise makers, they are the reason why other people talk, they are not the talkers. One day, I was playing cards, I had the confidence I was going to win then I started bragging, I wanted to intimidate my opponent with my words but surprisingly, my opponent said nothing, I played with full concentration so that my highfalutin words would not be in vain; I played my first and second cards and I had two cards left, it was my opponent’s turn to play and I was thinking deeply on my next move, I waited for my opponent until I had to ask her to play, I then noticed that her hands were empty just in two moves then she told me she had won game, the game had ended; I had no excuse and then she gracefully stood up and left. I was humbled!. I learned that big winners enjoy perfect silence. Do not forget that silence never make mistakes. To be silent does not mean you are absent; rather, you make your presence through silence.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

One thought on ““The Power of Silence”

  1. peace says:

    nice writeup, i will always be proud of u

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