“Something on Vision”

There are individuals in this world that have the privilege of receiving something from God in form of revelation, this is called Vision. Many people look but they do not see. God has chosen a group of people to carryout his mandate and they will never be scarce. People of vision rule because they have the best picture of what God has revealed to them. Vision cannot be copied. It cannot be over-emphasized that people are needed to help run a vision, people of vision rule because they must carry along those they sell their vision to and this fact is constant, they best understand the picture they saw, they know what they want at the end and they are the best persons to champion the course. In as much as we have people of vision, there are many visionless persons, people who lack vision are those who do not have an agenda for the future, they do not have something to nurture and a large majority of people are visionless. People of vision develop themselves, they develop themselves so as to remain relevant in their world, no man can go beyond the scope of his knowledge. If you are solving Mathematics and you cannot go further in solving it, the reason is because your scope of knowledge for that math problem is limited to where you stopped. For people of vision to rule over the visionless, they need to continually develop themselves because the population of visionless people is usually higher, and to avoid being choked up by these ones, there is a need for a continual developmental process.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

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