“The Act of Reading”

If you can’t know everything about something; then, know something about everything. A reader today is a leader tomorrow. You will remain the same person you are 10 years from now except for the books you read and the friends you keep….
One thing people do not know is that, how far you can go in life depends on how much you read, it is compulsory for man to apply all he knows, that is God’s desire. Before you can boldly says you have emptied yourself, you must have applied all you know. God recommends wisdom for all men, and wisdom is the application of knowledge.
The Bible states that “A wise man has strength, and knowledge increaseth wisdom”, therefore, knowledge is strength, no wonder an axiom says that “Knowledge is power”, but it is not just power, it is also authority, command, control, influence, rule, force, vigor, supremacy and all other expensive attributes; no wonder God summarized in a whole book called ‘Proverbs’ to explain the essence of wisdom and made it easy for you to know in 31 chapters, a chapter a day. Wisdom guards you, it is the principal thing and he who is wise is wise for himself. You learn in two ways, by books or by experience, and this is also the exact means of becoming wise, this is not a coincidence. The moment you stop reading, your intellect starts to decay; you have to read to remain relevant and competitive in life, how much you invest in yourself determines your self-worth. Because you must apply all you know someday, why not just pick a book on Leadership and you might end up becoming a president, I am a living testimony of this phenomenon, why not try it?.


Bolu Michael-Biyi

2 thoughts on ““The Act of Reading”

  1. Tosinger says:

    Well said.Books are surely a wealth of knowledge, my intellect is what it is today by virtue of the reading culture I was exposed to as a child.

  2. Reading: an incredible lot of people fail to see it’s importance; without it, one’s entire capacity of thought is just limited, as vocabulary power and knowledge level approaches stagnancy.

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