“Home of the Brave” Speech

“Courage is the confrontation of your fear instinct.”

A man that showed this is Barack Obama. I gave this speech on his inauguration day.

America, the home of the brave and the land of the free. A nation founded under God’s own principles. The pledge of the United States of America reads:

“I pledge to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the republic for which it stands,
one nation under God,
indivisible, in liberty and justice for all.”

It is a nation that defines the pace at which the world would move and anyone that becomes the president of the United States of America is usually considered the president of the world. Today, the 44th president of this great nation would be sworn-in, the person of Barack Hussein Obama, a man whose faith is rooted in the Christian values, a man with a strong will and a passion for change, someone who does not give up. I recount the challenges he faced before he claimed his dream; his race was first challenged by his reverend, Jeremiah Wright Jnr. which almost ruined his campaign, yet he did not deny him, he stated: “I can no longer disown him than I can disown the black community”, his root was challenged and then his faith was challenged. Even though in the greatest of criticisms, he stood strong.

He has promised a better life for the American people, to revive the economy, to invest in their prosperity, to rebuild America’s leadership by restoring its place in the world and also to perfect its union by embracing American values. Considering his plans to rebuild and change America, I also consider the Nigerian situation, I realized that we give our votes too cheaply; America’s selection process lasted for over 21 months, though it is not about the length of time but about the quality of the process. Our politicians play on the intelligence of the masses, key offices are not so different from family conglomerates, the system is characterized by corruption in the higher and lower places, political parties exist without ideologies, man-know-man is the name of the game, bloodshed, tyranny and despotism makes us a sinful nation.

Nigeria needs a change and I believe that because of you and I, change has come to Nigeria. We need just a man to set the pace, one with God is a majority and I believe we understand the power of one. A Nigerian leader clearly stated and I quote, “Our generation has failed” but the truth is that, Barack Obama’s election symbolizes and represents the entrance of the younger generation into global leadership, and that is you and I.

Juan Ramon Jimenez, a Spanish poet stated: “A permanent state of transition is man’s noble condition.”

An object will remain in its state of rest until an external force is applied on it, that force is change, that force is you and I. I believe we are the catalysts for change, who will go against all cynicisms and doubts, who will reclaim the hope for the future, who will carry out God’s master plan, who will assist the next generation for good, who will perfect our union and give us the change we can believe in.

Yes We Can!

Bolu Michael-Biyi

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